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Start Me Up! - Part 18

Social Media – Tweet Your Heart Out!

Haha, I’ve never been one to pass up a cheesy play on words. Okay so here’s the deal - I hate Twitter. No really, I am REALLY not a fan. But it seems like almost everyone else is! Or maybe some people don’t love it, but they do it anyway. Well….. I tweet, and tweet and tweet. The first step is admitting it.

Bottom line, even though I may not like it that does not mean that there is anything “wrong” with it. I am just not drawn to or naturally inclined to embrace it; but as I have learned, embrace it I must. I mean, even CNN tweets! As do my 75 year old grandmother, my 12 year old nephew, plus a myriad of celebrities of course (or they pay someone to tweet for them). While it is nearly impossible to get exact stats, estimated Twitter usage at 44.5 million users worldwide in June of 2009 –  I am not even included in that number since I’m a newbie.

Admittedly I am not much of an early adopter (though I am wildly fascinated with Apple’s new iPad and am trying desperately think of ways to justify it as a wedding planning need) so when it came to tweeting, it took me a loooong time to come along. Long in Twitter/tweeter years of course, which is essentially “too long.” I mean, this thing was created in 2006 and I just hopped on board 3 months ago. Yet here I am tweeting several times a week – and here is why… what easier way to get the word out about what I am doing or what is going on with my business? Most people won’t care, but many will. And maybe those many will tell a bunch of their “manys;” re-tweet my info (forward to their followers) and so on and so forth – it’s infectious. Essentially, it is like free advertising right? Well, sort of. Just like a “head’s up, this is what I’m thinking/doing/planning to do/offering…yada yada."

I tweet about events that I am hosting or attending, not so much about where I went to dinner last night and the yummy dessert I had. Though…what an awesome free plug for the restaurant! I have 300 people “following” me on Twitter, but heck even if 10 of those people live in my region, and two of them show up - score one for Team Belle! Maybe out of those two people who show up, one has a cousin who is getting married. Maybe we chat, hit it off and she signs on as my client. At her wedding there are eight girls who are engaged or expect to be engaged any day now (love that), etc. Obviously that’s a pretty extreme example but also VERY possible. As I mentioned way back when Belle was just a newbie on the Sheffield online scene, networking is HUGE in this business, word of mouth is essential and word really does travel fast. If you are good at what you do, passionate, committed and work your tush off, people will notice.

Okay enough of my blathering, that’s just my personal take on Twitter and tweeting. I reflect the views of no one else, Sheffield, my clients, my mom – no one. Now, I offer you a few interesting links to sources that can better explain what it is, how it works, and how it can affect you and your professional aspirations. Trust me when I tell you, I learn more about this phenomenon every day, and a phenomenon it is.

We start of course, with Wikipedia…

And has an excellent how-to/crash course on Twitter/tweeting.

A few other great links re: tweeting for biz

So, whether you decide to join the masses or not, at least you’ll know what it’s all about. Okay, I’m off to tweet about this blog post and….link the tweet to this website so others can visit us with just a click of their mouse!


Reader Comments (2)

Great post! I completely agree with you; I am not a fan or Twitter, either. In fact, I am not a fan of Facebook. I believe if a person works their tail off, gives great value and puts service first, everything else will take care of itself! Thanks for the post!

May 18, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterChad
This is the world of social media because with the help of many social networking sites we can communicate with each other easily. These popular websites twitter and facebook are also very helpful because they also provide us some online business facilities. Thanks.
October 25, 2011 | Unregistered Commenterlive support

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